Shepard-Law is a proud member of the National Cannabis Bar Association which aids responsible Cannabis businesses in their operations, helps with their legal battles against the uninformed and promotes Cannabis reform and education.

Marijuana is a very effective treatment for sleep disorders, pain management and controlling anxiety. Currently, big pharma has the market cornered on treatment of those maladies. Don’t ever wonder why marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug against all common sense and known research to the contrary. What would happen to their profits if safe, effective treatments can easily and legally be grown in your backyard at almost no cost?

Marijuana has also been PROVEN to decrease seizures, kill certain types of cancers, delay the effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s, treat Glaucoma, provide relief from Arthritis, eases the pain of Multiple Sclerosis, treats IBS and provides comfort from PTSD, Chemotherapy and many other diseases and disorders.

Marijuana building materials are self-sustainable, safe for the environment and in most cases cheaper and more effective than what is used today.

Let Shepard-Law help you with all your Cannabis Business questions and operations.